Tools for V&V

  1. Tools for version control

Version control software lets us streamline the development process, management of code for multiple projects and keeping a history of all changes within a code. Hence, if the developers make a mistake, they can undo it. At the same time, they can compare the new code with a previous version to resolve their grievance.

Main software examples: GitHub, GitLab, Beanstalk, PerForce, Apache Subversion, AWS CodeCommit, Microsoft Team Foundation Server, Mercurial, CVS Version Control, Bitbucket.

  1. Tools for testing

Testing is broadly classified and divided into two categories, white box testing and black box testing. White box testing is internal or structural testing designed to examine and even dynamically exercise hard-coded software. Black box testing is external testing designed to analyze and exercise hard-coded software without examining its internal structure.

  1. Tools for process administration of V&V

Management of the V&V effort

– Monitors and evaluates all V&V outputs


•SVV Plan generation

• Proposed/baseline change assessment

• Management review of the V&V effort

• Management and technical review support

• Interface with organizational and supporting processes

• Identify process improvement opportunities in the conduct of V&V.


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